Mugwort Face Oil


To be frank, I'm a nourishing and detoxifying Mugwort face & body oil.

And I can't wait to be on you.

Get naked, get oily.

Get detoxed, get nourished.

Here I am, the highly effective Mugwort Treatment Face & Body Oil , renowned for my medicinal efficacy. It's 100% plant-based, enriched with grape seed oil and vitamin E to give your body and skin its much-needed antioxidant nutrition. I’m free from preservatives, mineral oils, synthetic fragrance and colorant. I’m dermatologically tested which are safe to use on eczema, psoriasis and other problematic skin.

Please use me head to toe, morning and/or before bedtime at your leisure.

Do pair me with my best partner, Body Cellulite Massager to give your body a thorough lymphatic drainage. Moreover, ME as the signature Mugwort face oil can be used on the face and body that effectively increases your blood circulation as well as tighten up your skin. As one of  the best mugwort treatment oils, I am highly enriched with pure mugwort essence and Vitamin E that can promote blood circulation as well as reduce bloating.  I can be use day and night for face and neck as well. Pairing me with a facial sculptor / guasha plate helps to lift and strengthen your skin barrier to trap moisture and hydrate the skin. Additionally, with the blend of premium grade grapeseed oil, I will help to repair and replenish broken cells as well as even out your skin tone to give you the glow guarantee you ever dream of!

With added Bergamot oil, I can help elevate your mood as well as alleviate your stress. As I purify and refresh your skin the scent, I exude will calm you down.

I will target dry, flaking skin, cellulite, stretch marks and other skin imperfections.

Are you ready, babe?


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