How to Make Jawline Slimmer


V-shaped face is one of the popular face shapes that many people admire. It shows slimmer face sharp chin with slimmer jawline, providing a youthful look. Creating a more defining jawline can be attained non-surgically with facial sculpting tool.

Facial Massage:
To make jawline slimmer, you can constantly massage your face with a facial sculpting tool. It is considered as natural facelift method as opposed to botox injection. Facial massage could help to relax deeper facial muscle that cause wrinkles while reducing the size of this muscle resulting in visible and slimmer jawline. It enhances your natural beauty by stimulating blood circulation while de-puffing, lifting and sculpting your face. The idea behind is to stimulate more oxygenated blood flow towards skin tissue of the targeted area to enhance metabolic cell repair and regeneration. The stimulation promotes collagen production resulting in a firmer and healthier skin condition. Besides that, facial massage is great for reducing the puffiness of skin by draining excessive fluid through lymphatic drainage. As a result, it provides a more youthful and slender appearance.
Here’s Simple Techniques to Make Your Jawline Slimmer.
1) Before you begin with facial massage, always lubricants your skin with adequate amount of facial oil or face serum.
2) Starting from the middle of your chin, move the facial sculpting tool slowly across your jawline towards the ears, always stroked upwards only. Then, move the tool behind the earlobe subsequently down the neck. You may also refer to the Anjoe 3in1 Facial Sculptor Tutorial video below for a comprehensive facial massage techniques. 
3) Repeat sweeping motion to 3-5 times per area with slight pressure. Avoid applying too much pressure that may hurts.
4) It is recommended to carry out facial massage at least 3 times per week as part of the morning or night time skin care routine to enhance the effectiveness.


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