How to Choose Best Guasha Tool


There are a lot of at-home facial tools and machines out there, ranging from high-tech buzzing gadgets to old-school slabs of stone which are known as gua sha or gwalsa. It’s becoming increasingly popular nowadays to pair your skincare with the guasha tool to enhance your face features, reduce puffiness and better skincare absorption.

Facial massaging tools out there such as jade roller, stone scraper that come with different materials and shapes. But how to choose the best gua sha tool or face massaging tool? What’s the logic behind gua sha?

While the terms "jade scraping" or "gua sha" may be new to your ears, the facial technique actually dates back centuries ago. It has been used in traditional folk remedies since ancient times, repeatedly stimulating each part of the body to release meridians and activate acupuncture points. Ancient jade is the material optimized for traditional gwalsa therapy, however this material can be quite costly and is hard to hunt due to its limited natural production. A real jade can sell for around $100 per carat, hence most of the beauty tool that found on the market that claimed to be jade guasha nor jade roller are actually made from fake stone or plastic resin material.

Most of the gua sha plates we can find in the market come with wing shaped or bone-shaped. In order to choose the best gua sha tool, the most important thing is to find the tools that offer a variety of different contours and bevels on the edges, whether your stone is made from jade or quartz.

Anjoe Facial Sculptor a.k.a the best gua sha tool is anatomically designed to fit to your face, eyes and nose areas. It comes with a double sphere and pointy tail that can help to focus on specific areas of the face to promote deep muscle relaxation.

Anjoe facial sculptors are made with 100% crystal acrylic material that are thicker in shape which can gently lift the skin as you glide your tool. The crystal acrylic material is not only more durable in comparison to quartz, it is also more cost effective as well. All our facial sculptors are hand polished to its finest quality which provides its unique crystal shine look. Apart from the skincare benefit, our design also looks extremely classy on your dressing table!


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